Anyone can bolt on a bunch of “bling” and call it a tactical shotgun. All First Shot Results (FSR®) tactical shotguns are built from the “inside out.” Every piece and part used in the creation of a FSR® shotgun adds to the safety, function, and reliability of the weapon. They may look cool, but every part serves a purposes. The foundation of all FSR® tactical shotguns is the tried and proved Remington 870 Express 3″ Magnum action. Each action, whether new or used is stripped down and all internal parts are inspected and checked against factory specifications, with any parts not meeting factory specs being replaced. This includes hammer and sear, firing pin, and all springs and pins. When the action is reassembled, all moving parts are hand fitted, being lapped in including carrier bolt, firing pin, and carrier rails. This is what produces the smooth and reliable action which the FSR® tactical shotguns are known for.